Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday is a special day...?

My next post was going to be my "Thad is 6 Months!" post, but it's been busy. So that I remember this time in life, I'm going to write about my Saturday.

Wake up.
Make three different breakfasts: Kashi for me, pancakes for Dallin, rice cereal for Thad
Clean up breakfast.
Bathe both kids. Wash Dallin's hair in the kitchen sink to avoid drama (hates water in his eyes). Screams the whole time anyway..
Sort, launder and fold 5 loads of laundry. (Evan started three, thank you very much!)
Vaccuum. Clean two bathrooms--even scrubbed the shower! (one of my least favorite chores)
Drop off T-ball registration to replace the one that got lost in the mail.
Shop at REI for a bike for Dallin's birthday.
Check out the San Jose Shark's Ice skating rink I've driven by a hundred times always thinking "I wonder if there's really an ice skating rink?"
Serve lunch. Clean up lunch.
Evan leaves for school at noon.
In the car to Palo Alto (still miss living there!). Run two errands with my two kiddos. Nordstrom. Dallin new shoes (size 9 now! I guess there was some truth to the screaming before church last Sunday. Sorry Dallin!)
For fun: Palo Alto Childrens Museum and Zoo
Home: heat up leftovers for dinner.
Clean up, brush teach, read stories, say prayers. Thad sick. Thad not sleeping.
I re-read tomorrow's RS lesson. I start preparing my lesson for next week.
3am I turn off the alarm that's set for 7am. There will be no church for me and Thad tomorrow.

Sound like a special day?!? Jury's out on this one..


Toria said...

thad is 6 months! You just had a birthday! and I am missing you and wanting to catch up! Happy Belated. I loved your saturday run-down. Why did any of us leave Palo Alto (miss it)? A children's museum there now- fun!
I'm wondering if I have the wrong number for you. I may try you tonight (your time) or tomorrow morning.
I don't even know if and when you're still working.
I don't know a lot of things and that makes me sad.

Alyson said...

Wow Carrie, you got a lot done before noon! Sounds like a good day.
I remember taking my nieces and nephews to that children's museum in PA. I miss Palo Alto too! :)