Sunday, March 7, 2010

My in-house Comedian

Dallin is making me laugh every day. I am loving this age.
I'm always interested to see what drawings come home from church. This was todays:
In case it's not clear (which I can't imagine anyone thinking), this is "Daddy on his skateboard getting hit in the eye by a bolt of lightning." Wow. I'm speechless.

Evan and I hired a babysitter a few weeks ago and we came home and found this:

I don't know how that is comfortable! I took them off after taking this picture and the groove marks were deep!

Target had this Batman shaving kit on clearance so I picked it up. Here is D and his best buddy shaving:

One sunny but very cold January day, Dallin insisted because it was sunny that he have a picnic. I sent him out on his own. I think he lasted five minutes, but boy was he happy!

We're still talking a lot about heaven. The other day he asked if he could pray that Heavenly Father would help him grow wings, like an angel so he could fly. The questions have moved into the creation. "Did Heavenly Father make my house? Did Heavenly Father make me? Did Heavenly Father make my bathroom?"

Friday we headed to the awesome San Francisco Academy of Science. On the way there Dallin was telling me a story about how he wanted to ride on a t-rex dinosaur. Imagine our excitement when we walk in the museum and there is a t-rex right there! I love the excitement and imagination. (Because my bag was so packed of essentials and we took public transit, the camera didn't make the cut) I mean really, do adults daydream of riding dinosaurs?!

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Lindy & Trever said...

What a cute boy. I can't decide which picture and story I like best, they are all so much fun!