Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday, Easter, Baby Blessing & Visitors

Well, if that title line doesn't explain my lack of posts!

With all these backup posts to do, all I feel like writing about is Dallin's first t-ball game tonight! He was so excited. Isn't he darling? And though I tried to modify his Cardinals jersey so it fit, when he tucked in the number 9 on his back, all you could see was the top of the 9 looking more like "0." He was the youngest and smallest on the team, but he did great.

He hasn't been to any practices, so he went straight into a game. There's lots to learn! A couple of times during the one hour game, I went to talk to him in the dugout and he was crying--he told me he wanted to go home. During one of these crying spouts, I told him to go ask his coach where he should go in the field; his coach told him, but Dallin had no idea where to go...Dallin stood there until his coach walked him out to where he should go.

He went up to bat three times and two times he got on base. (His first time up they threw him out which I was soo sad about..) The coach gave Dallin the game ball and he got a licorice rope from the snack shack so the night ended in success. BUT, later in the evening I understood why he was crying.

"Mom, they put me in timeout."

"No, you were in the dugout--you weren't in timeout."

"No mom, I was in TIMEout."

"Were other people in timeout?"

"A couple."

Dallin insisted he was in timeout. I explained it many times but who knows if he'll ever believe me. No wonder he was crying a couple of times!

Go cardinals!

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