Sunday, March 7, 2010

Presidents Day Adventure

With Evan in school, sometimes I feel limited with holiday weekends. So this past Presidents Day Dallin, Thad and I hit the road!

After a bit of a drive, we arrived at the top of Mount Tampalpais. It was a perfectly gorgeous day with wonderful visibility. We did a brief, 20-minute hike at the top (perfect moms for strollers!) Me, with my studs:
San Francisco is in the distance on the left.

After our hike and picnic, we deserved a treat. Where else to take a chocolate-loving three-year-old than Ghirardelli. I love these pictures.

Here, the anticipation:

Ah, the arrival:

I felt a little sheepish and guilty providing my three-year-old with an adult sized sundae..I also felt like, hey, this is really fun!

Can you believe he finished it all without help? I can!

I love these boys! What a fun Presidents Day!!


Alyson said...

Sounds like a lovely day...reminds me of some daytrips we took back in the day. Where was it we went where we sat in the adirondak chairs? We walked out to a lighthouse?? I can't remember where it was, somewhere north. I loved that day!

Alecia and Joe Falk said...

Carrie, You are a fabulous mom! I remember a trip to Mt. Tam one evening years ago to watch the sunset.