Sunday, February 14, 2010

"I want four brothers"

Today Dallin showed me this:

This is pretty exciting because his drawings show recognizable figures! But what's not-so-exciting is that Dallin has declared that this is him with all his brothers: "I want four brothers." That's right..count 'em up..that would be five little boys. I don't know about that. Actually, what am I saying...That is crazy!!

This drawing was better than the one I got two weeks ago at church. After class Dallin shared a picture of what he was thankful for. Pictured was Dad, Thad and himself. hmmm...Where was I?! Probably because he's so extremely grateful to me that it wouldn't be fair to put the other family members in the same sphere. I'll tell myself that anyway until I get on the "grateful" picture.

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