Friday, February 5, 2010

He is....five months old!

This might sound silly, but I like to call my boys the month that they are up until the last day. For example, say it's January 21st and Thad is born August 22nd, I will still say that he is four months old. Ask me January 22nd and I'll (reluctantly) say he's five months old. I just think they just sound younger that way; and heaven knows I want these boys to stay young! So far, my Peter-pan plan isn't working...

Thad is five months old (gulp). This is really going way too fast. He is so wonderful and easy-going. He's content to lay on his back for periods at a time. When I nuzzle into his neck he instantly begins the most joyful giggle I've ever heard. That darling laugh always makes my day.

He can roll from his back onto his side. No teeth yet.

He giggles when Dallin comes to say "Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah" about two inches from his face.

So far he's slept through the night twice. He can do a long stretch of sleep between 8pm and midnight.

He's had a bit of congestion lately and right now we're sharing a bed. I've never loved snoring, but his is darn cute.

Pic another time, we are on the road in Houston with cousin Cambry and Jim & Marissa!

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