Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Look Who Visited our House (it wasn't Santa)

We're fine. The only thing that burned was the microwave. Everything else in the kitchen is perfect. Now, if you're female and you want more information, keep reading. (Evan always tells me I need to get to the punch-line quicker to know that everything is okay--I guess I like to keep my audience in suspense!)

Last Thursday night I put a bag of popcorn in the microwave, hit 2:45 and ran downstairs to get some soup from my garage. I came back in the kitchen only to have the phone ring. It was Evan checking in before packing up his bags at work. I hear a couple of "buzzz...buzzzzs" coming from the microwave so I turn around and the popcorn is on fire! Completely engulfed. I screamed to Evan that the microwave was on fire. He said something like "okay" but did it in a tone like he didn't believe me. I dropped the phone and started looking (unsuccessfully) for the fire extinguisher. No luck. So, the microwave was still on so I *brilliantly* decide to open the microwave. Wrong move.

Flames shot from the microwave up towards my cabinets. I got my sense back and pushed the door closed and then ran to call 911. Because I'd dropped the phone it was still off the hook, so I bravely ran back into the kitchen. Microwave still on fire.

I called 911 and they told me to get out of the house. I ran down the hall, grabbed my boys, and headed outside. Those were a scary few minutes, because I had no clue if the kitchen was still burning! Fire truck showed up and we think the fire was already out. Evan did come home (surprise--I really wasn't sure if he thought I was joking. Turns out he was just trying to stay calm for me.) Really nice firemen though. They removed the microwave, checked the walls and attic and everything is okay. Phew. Our first fire! Let's hope there's not another.

I wanted to take pictures of them, but was a little shy to ask. Fortunately Evan didn't have any problem asking. So, we had a little photo shoot. What great guys--they were so nice to Dallin.

Thanks Fire Department! (We'll return your screwdrivers soon)


Lindy & Trever said...

Holy cow! Things are heating up at your place. He he... In all seriousness, I am glad you are ok.

Cassandra said...

so glad y'all are ok! whew! and that your cutest place didn't get damaged too bad. superMom to have the brain to call the fire dept. and scoop up your boys out of the house! what a scare!