Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hangin' Around with D

I've captured a few shots lately of what goes on in our place.
Dallin is a crack up. He is always dressed appropriately for the activity he's engaged in.

For example, when he watches Batman on tv, this is what he looks like:

When we play pirates, he looks like this:

Just the other day he was nearly in tears because by putting a jacket on to play baseball outside, it was going to cover up his baseball shirt. So, he found a sweater vest, and prompty layered it underneath the baseball shirt. Warmer? Maybe. Happy? Definitely.

Unfortunately, this sort of dressing-appropriate-for-the-activity has some limits. He will not wear a coat when it's cold outside. He insists on wearing his cool light-up Spiderman shoes everywhere.

Here's a couple shots from tonight. More about Thad later!

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