Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby Puj Tub

So, after storing Dallin's big, bulky blue bathtub for about two years, we ended up donating it deciding it wasn't worth the space in our garage anymore. Since Thad came along, I'd been doing the awkward, hold his head up and wash real quick with the other arm in the sink thing. Then I tried the puj tub recently.

It's basically a flat piece of nice, plastic styrofoam (I'm sure it's much fancier than that, but that's how I'd describe it). It has magnetic closures which keep it in the shape to cradle a baby. You'll just have to check out pictures. My first attempt at using the tub was okay. The magnetic closures kept coming undone (maybe my sink is bigger than normal) and the instructions didn't really cover this. It was tricky to figure out if I fill my sink with water and the puj tub? I ended up doing this, but when it came time to get the soap off, I had to drain all the water and run new (which = not so happy baby.)

Attempt number two was much better. I realized my leaving one of the magnetic closures undone made it fit in my sink much better. Because this fits in your sink, I wasn't sure how to put more water in without getting it on Thad (I have two levers to turn on the water). So this time I just kept it running slightly. Still too tricky to wash his hair, so I did that after his bath.

All in all it was so much easier to bathe him having both hands available. I love that it's flat to both dry and store. It's soft too and Thad was comfortable in it. I wish it came with a suction hook to dry out in my bathtub. More instructions could have helped, but I think we figured it out okay.

Check out the Puj Tub for yourself at the new web site exclusively for baby bath tubs!

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Marvia said...

I'll have to try that whenever we have our next. I don't like the blue tub we have. It's way to big and ackward for storing.