Monday, October 8, 2012

Do you like me?

During the past couple of months, one question has been asked more than most others. (no, not can I have more chocolate milk?)

My sweet three-year-old Thad often asks throughout the day, "Mom, do you like me?" After I quickly respond Yes! it's followed with "Mom, do you love me?" When I ask the question back to him we are all smiles and enjoy a quick hug. It's often the highlight of my day.

Yesterday after Thad knowingly defied my pleas not to pour his milk onto the ground, I briskly walked him to his bedroom to lay him on his bed in timeout. As I sopped up the milk which was quickly sliding under baseboards and soaking into carpet, Thad walked out of his room. With crocodile tears streaming down his face and in a somewhat hiccup-sort-of voice again asked me, "Mom, do you like me?"

With my heart softer than where it was a couple of minutes earlier, I smiled and embraced this passionate and active three-year-old.

Yes, Thad. I love you so much.

Here's Thad with his amazing lego tower he built! He's so proud!

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