Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day of rest?

This morning Evan needed to be at church (with me and the littles) at 8:30am. This means the night before we did all the prep we needed: grapes were cut in half in baggies for snack, sugar cereal (Golden Grahams and Cocoa Pebbles) was out with bowls and spoons on the breakfast table, outfits laid out, Grandma Marquardson's quiet book on the banister with extra diapers and wipes. The preparation paid off...we were actually on time.

Things quickly went downhill. Nolan (15 months) could not stop shrieking in church. Evan went to help pass the sacrament. The first hour was a circus act--dumping the triscuits all over the floor, trying to get Nolan to stop shrieking, making Thad and Dallin paper airplanes (don't throw them, don't throw them, if you throw them I take them....okay, they're mine!), Evan and I taking turns taking out Nolan, Thad leaving on his own to throw the empty grapes baggy in the trash, Dallin getting a drink. The interruptions just didn't end.

Fast forward to the second hour of church...Dallin happily ran upstairs to Primary (wait, you're giving a talk today!!), and when Evan came back down from taking to Thad to nursery, he had Thad but no Nolan. Nolan is still three months shy of nursery eligibility, but apparently the nursery leaders were nice enough to let him stay. Thad prefers adults apparently. So Thad, Nolan and I spent the hour in nursery. Nolan buzzed around playing with toys (more shrieking) and Thad sat on my lap.

Third hour I made a break for Relief Society. Thad wasn't going to have it so he joined me. The topic was keeping the Sabbath day holy. Boy do I need that lesson!

After church, I quickly make whole wheat pancakes..By the time I sit down three of the four are already finished and onto the next thing. The TV is on. I eat, help the baby out and Evan kindly asks if I want to take a nap. Yes!

Two hours later I'm up and Evan naps. The TV is still on. The daily laundry has already accumulated involving stains of blackberry jam, blood, potty-training mishaps, etc. I'm making dinner, everyone is loud! How is this restful/rejuvenating?! I want to get our family out of the house, burn off some "I've been cooped up in a house all day and I'm a boy" energy. Evan and I have a quick disagreement on this topic and he gives--we leave in the stroller for a walk to the park.

The park was wonderful and fun. We get home at 6:15.

I throw the salmon in the oven, finish the salad I started earlier and beg Dallin to set the table ("I've been doing this for three years!" he whines.) Table set, cookies in the oven, we sit down to eat. Nolan ends the meal with his usual scalp treatment--this time it was butter on bread. I bathe Thad and Nolan. We cleanup the days crazy, read stories and Dallin went to bed at 8:55pm. I'm beat.

I'm capturing this crazy in hopes that some sort-of self reflection might give me insight into how to make Sundays better. I love these boys to pieces, but how in the world can I feel like this is restful and rejuvenating! I feel trapped at home with no space and no yard! This is a bit of a rant, so thanks for hanging in there. Know I'll feel better in the morning, but maybe just not best to call us on a Sunday afternoon if you're looking for pleasant conversation :)

What do you do to keep the Sabbath holy with little kids? What works for you?


Lindsy Davigeadono said...

Oh carrie, how I miss you. I hope you know that you are super mom. I mean really getting to church on time, home cooked meals and cookies? I mean come on you are amazing. I am sorry that you had such a rough day but you are truly an inspiration to me. I always think if Carrie can do this with 3 boys then I can do this with one little girl! ha! I think you are doing amazing. Good luck with Sunday's. They are def. tough ones. Sorry I have no advice for you. Maybe in 10 years ;)

MissRissa said...

Hmmm... suggestions... we usually play dress up and put on dance shows. No? Guess I'm not very helpful! ;) Seriously though, your house sounds very close to our house- what is up with Sundays??!!

Amy W said...

That was just the post I needed to read! I was laughing so hard! I was hoping you would have some good techniques because I have zero!!!

Colleen said...

I always think Sunday is the LEAST restful of our days! Even though you don't want it to go quickly, time helps everything. Now that the boys are older things are a little calmer. When they are little it's just so hard. Adam and I sometimes wondered why we were there at all when we spent the entire 3 hours in the hallways. :) We sometimes "rest" a bit with a nice G movie or a family walk. We do a lot of reading and playdough and coloring in the mornings too. I always play some nice quiet church music during the day to keep the tone of the house chill or turn on Music and the Spoken Word. If we have time, we try to do the walk or play on the trampoline a little together BEFORE church so the boys can burn some energy. Some Sundays nothing helps, but every now and then we will get one of those 'golden' Sundays where it all just seems to come together! :) You are an amazing mom, Carrie! Those boys are lucky to have you.