Monday, October 8, 2012

Dallin's First Day of First Grade


 September 5th brought our first day of school. Dallin is (gulp!) leaving us all day long this year. (well, at least until 2:30pm). We're super excited for his teacher, Mrs. Hembruch. We joined the mob at school the Friday before school started to see the class list. You can appreciate the diversity of where we live as evidenced in this class list!

Dallin is super excited. He is already reading very well. He finished FOUR Harry Potter books this summer. He's off to a great start.

This next shot is taken just moments before separation. Drop off for first grade is totally different than Kindergarten and I think I was more apprehensive than Dallin was (where do we go? you line up in the playground every morning? Where do we put backpacks?). I kept my sunglasses on to hide my misty eyes.

The first day was a success--they had PE! Dallin has quickly figured out how fun tether ball is ("my new favorite sport") and they're already learning how to type in their computer lab time. Dallin reminded me today that he is only four months away from his seventh birthday. SEVENTH birthday. Whoa. It doesn't help that he is growing so much taller right now and stronger! He climbes the rope we have hanging in our garage in three seconds. But really, can't Peter Pan come do an intervention?
Fortunately for me, here are my two playmates while Dallin is at school:
Nolan (14 months), Thad (barely 3)
Don't they look like fun!?


Lindy & Trever said...

Loving your picture and updates. Those boys are getting so big. Seven years old, what the heck! Love you Carrie and hope you are doing well.

Amy W said...

Dallin is adorable! He looks so grown up!