Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yet another home project

I'm realizing there's becoming a theme to my posts. Home improvement has come up several times and...drum roll is the latest:
First, a before shot:
Now, the final project!
Here's Evan trying to figure out if he put the toilet back on correctly. So far so good!! I've really come to love decorating. Poor Evan is going to be busy with my visions the rest of his life :)

It hasn't been all work and no play lately. With Evan taking some time off, we headed to the Monterey Aquarium. They have a great new exhibit about seahorses. Dallin loved the huge tank with sharks! But he's just like his mom who still gets a little scared when those things get close to the glass wall. (what if there was an earthquake, right NOW?)


Amy W said...

Wow Carrie! Love those floors! Can't wait to come see it!

Kristin said...


I laughed out loud when I read he was checking to see if the toilet was on right. I am sure that was just you being funny, but that would totally be true in our house. Can't wait to see it in person!!
Love ya,

Julia said...

Okay Carrie, I found your blog through Amy's. Do you mind if I add you to "avoiding chores and reading blogs" list?
Your little guy is so cute! He sounds very similar to my 3 yo ... sweet (most of the time), loves his Cars, and chocolate, as much as possible please. In fact the other day he walked up to me with a cup full of chocolate chips after I told him no treat because he still needed to finish dinner. He didn't qualify that as a treat. Ha!
It was fun to catch up with you!