Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday John!!

John and Toria,

Remember these good times?? Happy Birthday John! (These were taken in 2003!) Come back to the bay area!!


Toria said...

ok- something is wrong with me and my crying reflex.
Thanks so much for posting these- so fun! One of these days I'll have to look through all your old pics.
that was the night we went camping and Jason had to share the bunk with us (the newlyweds!)
Fun fun times!
I miss you!
I would call right now- but you're probably heading to bed.

Sarah McKellar said...

Is that an In N Out cup I see??? I miss that place! And you guys, of course. :)

Alecia Falk said...

Why am I always hiding behind people in these pictures. Oh yeah... I know why! Thanks for posting these. I love the old camping memories!