Saturday, April 25, 2009

A quiet saturday night

Evan was up at the crack of dawn to run 15 miles. He's preparing for a 50K in a couple more weeks. He's exhausted so it's a quiet Saturday night for me, alone.

We've been encouraging potty training with Dallin but haven't put a hard stake in the ground, yet. Tonight I was so proud when he called out from his crib "Mom, I want to use the potty!!!" See every night Dallin usually gives me another reason to change his diaper but tonight, well, he is a big boy! 'nuff about the potty.

My pregnancy is ever-evolving. The pill Zofran (anti-nausea) continues -unfortunately- to be my friend. Heartburn is ever-so-slightly beginning. Tonight I bought a maternity swimsuit at Target...I will apologize in advance to the city, but a girl has gotta go swimming in the summer! I tried not to think of recent comments I've received as I tried on the suit... "you are huge and you've got a long way to go!!" and "how big was your first?"...Can the rest of the world pinky swear to be kinder to pregnant women :)

And just because every post should have a picture, here's one: D&D (Daddy and Dallin) washing windows. Thanks boys.

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Julie McKellar said...

I think you look great!! Anyway, as long as you have a healthy baby in the end that is all that matters! What a cute little guy he will be.