Sunday, June 14, 2009

Catch up

The last few weeks has been a whirlwind of fun times with family and friends!!

First a fun camping trip with Kate, Jim, and Billy and lots of friends. We headed south about 2 hours to Pinnacles National Monument. It was a bit chilly at night, but Dallin had a great time with all the other kids. He loved sleeping in a tent.
One morning Dallin woke up, looked at me and asked, "mom, is it good morning time?"
"No honey, you can go back to sleep."
"Okay, thank you." And with that sweet Dallin closed his eyes and was off to dreamland in seconds.

This picture of Dallin makes me smile. He loved all the other kids camping. He was in heaven!
Kate, Jim and Billy!
Because Kate & I never take any pictures, we got this one right away.
I almost forgot another most memorable event--meeting curious george!!! This was like a rock concert for little kids. The line was about an hour long, but oh was it worth it. Dallin was SO excited. While standing in line, he'd spontaneously yell out "Curious George" with his arms high above his head. The anticipation:

While in line we practiced what we were going to say to curious geoge. When it was finally our turn, Dallin froze. He wanted to give him a high five and also give him a cookie. After snapping this photo, Dallin started crying because he didn't give him five. We managed to sneak back in there, but had to explain that Curious George couldn't eat cookies.

Then, it was GIRLS WEEKEND! That's right. The annual event had arrived. Amy, Caren, Jenny, Kris and I all convened in the bay area for a fly-girls reunion. What a blast. I didn't have my camera, but Amy did. Check out pictures here:
I always come away from these action-packed weekends rejuvinated, refreshed (well, a bit sleepy too) and so grateful to have good friends. We started this tradition in 1998 with a trip to San Francisco while juniors at BYU.

Too much for one post, more to come including Seattle!

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Marvia said...

Your fly girl getaway looked like a lot of fun! I need to have something like that. I hope you're feeling good! :) Love you, Carrie!