Saturday, January 17, 2009

Spring has sprung?

The weather has been amazing this week. Just about 70 degrees every day. This isn't normal and I think it's tricked my paperwhites into thinking it's spring:
I just love these flowers. Every time I look on my deck they make me happy. Someday I will have a garden overflowing with tulips, hyacinths, and lemon and orange trees, just to name a few.
My plan to get the land to have this garden is to win this home in Sonoma. I've already entered today and plan on doing so every day until February 19th. You can try to win too, but if you win and I don't, well, you have to promise me a two week stay every year, AT LEAST!
I can already picture myself living in Sonoma...


Alyson said...

ahh, CJ. Paperwhites always remind me of you! I just think of the little green house you rigged up in your room on Williams Street!

Stars&Straps said...

My Dad sent me this link when it started, so I've been an entering fool also! I can't believe we have to wait til next month to find out...Good Luck! Invite us to dinner if you win, k? Oh, and congrats on the bun-in-the...(yea, babies) We find out on the fifth if its blue or pink.