Sunday, December 14, 2008


Rather than wait all the way to Christmas to put all the year-end holidays into one post, I thought I'd stick in Halloween and Thanksgiving.

First, thanks to Grandma Marquardson for sewing this adorable clown costume. True to the male gender, it was not enough for Dallin to just be a clown. Check out what's in his left hand. Boys!!
We ended up sticking around home for Thanksgiving. Our friends the Stovalls threw a great Turkey Trot the morning of Thanksgiving. Nothing like running 3 miles before the feast! Our kind friends the Bennetts invited us over for turkey. Thank you Camille!
Hey, we're just going running and it's early...I borrowed Dallin's turkey hat. Isn't it sooo cute? $1 at Target! They sold out before Halloween. Consider yourself warned: you've got to jump on the dollar bin bargains when you see them!
Dallin with his best buddy.Dallin just looks too cute here.


Miss Rissa said...

first glance Dal was holding a chefs knife. I assume it's a toy machete or something! :) He's too cute.

Marvia said...

I completely agree, Dallin is too cute! :) As are you and Evan. :) Thanks for sharing all the pictures.