Sunday, November 16, 2008

While moms away

I headed to Newark, New Jersey and Manhattan, NY last week for a brief business trip. I got to meet up with my in-laws who are serving a mission in Manhattan. They're doing great. The trip was a whirlwind but I did manage to finish the third book in the Twilight series on the way home! I was attending a conference on continuous auditing. We can talk about continuous auditing sometime if you're really interested:) Check out the beautiful fall leaves new the Gilstraps home.

We headed to dessert at a hip place in Greenwich Village-yummy!

I arrived home to a pretty grumpy toddler. He's been fairly difficult this week. It didn't dawn on me until my friend Lina said this is typical for kids when their moms leave. ah-hah! I'd forgotten. Last time I left for a few days Dallin sure made me pay for it! Has anyone else experienced that?? Maybe it's a function of him being the numbers of fingers he's holding up?

Wednesday afternoon I decided to do something fun. Dallin is always wanting to take a train ride so we went to the nearest light rail station and headed to downtown San Jose. We packed a picnic and took the train to park downtown. After eating outside we headed into the Childrens Museum. This place has got to be one of the coolest places for kids: art projects, water station, face painting, fire trucks, pizza creations, etc. We had a great time and here's the pictures to prove it. I may have almost made up for being gone for 3.5 days!!

I followed instructions and let Dallin paint his own face:

My little pizza maker:


Marvia said...

I'm glad you got to visit with my padres! I bet they were thrilled to see you. :) Dallin is so cute. I'm glad that he has "forgiven" you. haha! Kids are so funny.

Carrie Anne said...

what a fun trip even if you had to come back to a cranky happens to the best of us!:) i love the east in the gorgeous! just be patient with you cute little kids were the same way...they just take time to adjust & get back to normal. you are awesome & i'm sure handled everything like a pro! i hope things are going well your way.:)

Hillary said...

Hi Carrie I found your blog from Katie's. Your little guy is adorable. I am not far behind you in the terrible 2 age, my Jack just turned 2 in October. Anyway our blog is if you ever want to check it out. Take care all the best. Hillary