Friday, February 11, 2011

Hangin' Around in January

Here's a few shots hanging around our house, which is pretty much what we did in January!
Thad now does this funny squint when you tell him to smile for the camera:
 Dallin can act goofy too:
 Okay, a little more normal. We'll work on smiles before family pictures.


Alecia said...

Evan's doing homework, and Carrie's blogging on a Friday night! Our night isn't any more exciting than yours. :) Love our Friday playdates!

Alyson said...

Your boys are adorable. Thad is looking so grown up!

The Jackson's said...

Carrie, I haven't checked out your blog in months. Your boys are adorable and your having another! I am having my 3rd girl in July. I guess you were ment to have boys and I was ment to have girls. Best of luck!