Friday, February 11, 2011

Christmas Open House

This past December we hosted a Christmas open house. I probably had more fun planning and prep than the actual party (more on that later), but we really enjoyed opening up our home that first Friday in December.

 We had a sugar cookie decorating station, brownies, and a hot chocolate bar. Now if only I hadn't been busy playing hostess to actually get pictures of our guests! We were glad the Eyres, McKunes, Madsens, and Stovall families could come.
Just before our last guests were to leave, Dallin vomitted. Big time. We all joked that no party was over until someone puked and our friends went home. Boy did that start the saga of December! Here is Dallin feeling sick.
Dallin was the first to get ill. About 2am, I began. Oh it was sooooo bad. I ended up in Urgent Care with an IV Saturday night and was completely unable to take care of my family for two days. Just thinking about it now makes me feel ill. Friends were so kind to help us. And nice to forgive us that we hosted the party to spread the disease throughout our ward :)

Oops! We've got great friends though!

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Marvia said...

Okay, Carrie... I love your Advent Calendar. Did you buy it or make it? If you don't mind, I'd love for you to email me all the scriptures, names of Christ and activities you have for your Advent. I've been wanting to make one but there are so many ways to do it. I need ideas but so far.... I love yours the best!