Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thad is one!!

My sweet baby is one!!

It was super hot in the bay area so we hit yummy frozen yogurt for Thad's birthday treat. Grandma and Grandpa Gilstrap came in for the celebration and what a celebration. So much happens this first precious year; I really felt like celebrating.

Thad loves just about all food, but especially carrots and yogurt. He squeals with delight when you race crawl down the hallway. When he's excited, like before mealtime or when we stroll up to the park, he opens and closes his fingers. He often puts his chin down and looks up at you just past his eyebrows before he nuzzles into your neck. He likes falling asleep with his pacifier. He's crawling around like crazy, pinching his little fingers into everything, and walking along while holding onto furniture.

Thad, we love you sooooo much. Happy Birthday pal!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Marvia said...

Thanks for all the updates, Carrie! Happy Birthday to Thad as well. I know I'm late on that. Time sure does fly by. So glad to have you in my family!