Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cousins Camp in Seattle

We had a fantastic time visiting Grandma and Grandpa Marquardson in Seattle. It was the first ever cousins camp!! Dallin at age 4 was the oldest cousin. Add in Billy, 2, Cambry (2), Thad (11 mo) and Bobby (5 mo) made for an adventure. We'll just say that someone was always napping, needing a diaper change, or crying :) Maybe cousins camp will start up again in a couple more years (mom?).

Highlights of the trip included: Bellevue Arts & Crafts festival with cool crafts projects for kids, Ferry boat ride to Bainbridge island, hanging out on Alki beach on a PERFECT Seattle warm summer night, picnicing at Coulon park, Remlinger Farms and going on the roller coaster with Cambry like five times, Shannon flying in from London and being so excited to see everyone until the realities of little kids set in (Hi Shan!), dressing up in Grandmas costume box, trying out many different healthy pancake recipes, and enjoying each other. I just wished we lived closer. This Houston, So. Cal, Bay Area, London, Seattle thing is just no good!
Thad & Grandpa Marquardson at Coulon Park

Shannon with sleeping Bobby
The sisters: Carrie, Shannon, Marissa, and Katie

Thad is into everything as captured here (notice Dallin "I prefer Batman." That shirt comes off these days only for washing)

With Evan in school and finals, the boys and I had a nice long visit. It even rained!! Just looking at these pictures makes me smile and feel a little homesick.
Thanks mom and dad.


Alecia said...

Looks like a fabulous trip! AND... you look great in these pictures!

Norma said...

LOVE the pictures you posted!