Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Two Punkins

I've never enjoyed Halloween as much as I have being a mom. There's nothing cuter than dressing your kiddos up in costumes! This year we had Spiderman (who is actually a frequent in our house) and a dragon.

The parties started Friday night with a FABULOUS church Halloween party. They really knock themselves out every year. Dinner, games, costume parade, jumpy house, trick or treating, and the most amazing decorations you've seen. Dallin loved his face painting: (well, everything but the 'trying to get it off' part later that night!)

Due to Evan being a bit under the weather, I was solo at the party so not too many pictures! On the actual day of Halloween we headed down to Gilroy Gardens. The rides that scared Dallin a year and a half ago are now a blast. Those goldfish on the kiddy ride really get moving quick you know! Here he is on the carousel:

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