Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cousin Wyatt's Blessing

Wyatt Gilstrap was blessed last weekend in Pasadena and we were so glad we could go! First, a shot of the cousins (not including the newest babies) Jeffrey-David-Ryan-Owen-Dallin. What a great crew of guys!

Thad sleeping, tie and all. I cannot rotate this thing!

In the backyard..Couldn't help ourselves.

The whole crew! (notice Thad sleeping in the front in his carrier!)

After the blessing, Evan dropped me off at Kates for a visit. They just bought a great house and we were there to check it out (well, or avoid the construction workers). The boys didn't mind eating at McDonalds and heading to the Pumpkin Patch. Dallin drove the car and had a great time. My great stroller managed to fit 3 kiddos too!

We couldn't get Billy to smile with his momma..

Thank goodness for Jetblue's inflight entertainment. The $2 headphones were worth their weight in gold for a smooth flight home.

Thanks for the visit Kate, Jim and Billy!

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Marvia said...

Thanks for posting these pictures of Wyatt's blessing day. Everyone looks so great. I wish we could've been there to join in on the celebration. Carrie, you look fabulous. :)