Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Raining!!!

Big storm today in the bay area and I am LOVING IT. Dallin is at preschool and Thad and I are chillin in our cozy house, listening to good music and loving the rain. Does it get any better than this??


warren said...

your little baby is getting big fast!

Kristin said...

Man, he is such a DOLL... in a very masculine way of course! (:

Hey, what is that video like?? I looked it up online and it looks awesome! Do you like it?? I am anxious to hear!! (:

Carrie Jean said...

The Tracy Anderson video is awesome. Glad I bought it. I saw her on Oprah a while back and remember her saying a woman should never lift more than three pounds. I liked the sound of that! But seriously, you can tell she was a ballet dancer and I think her moves produce a strong and long body. You think you're going to die through the abs though...I can't believe when going into about 15 minutes of abs she says "and now we're going to challenge your abs in yet another way." Whoa! So, 3 min warmup, 25 minutes abs, 5 minutes legs, 5 min arms, and a cooldown. You need 3 pound weights and a mat. Definitely glad I bought it. And like I thought, my body is already looking like hers :)