Saturday, October 17, 2009

Go SCU!!

We headed to my alma mater (and Evans current school) to watch our good friend Lindsy play in Santa Clara University's home volleyball match. You can't see it (darn it!) but I made a sign that says "Go Lindsy." Evan, Garrett and Kevin were thrilled to be holding it :)

Here's the famous lady. Man, she hits hard!
Thad's first volleyball game. I pray there are many more volleyball games in our family.

Dallin waiting on the front row to catch a ball. "I'm going to keep it" he kept saying. We didn't have the heart to tell him that this isn't like baseball where the balls cost $1..

And just another one of Thad yesterday chillin' in his swing.

We hit Costco this morning to get flu shots. I anticipated a long line and insisted we get there early. Despite our efforts, we still waited about an hour! While in line, we got a little giddy. Evan is filling out his consent form when he notices he put his work address instead of home address. Telling, I said. Then he notices that in the box labeled mothers maiden name, he writes mine. Telling he says-haha. Next to the mothers maiden name space I notice it's only required if your under 18. Telling!

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Alecia and Joe Falk said...

Love the family pic in the corner, and all the updated pics of Thad. How cute!