Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Dallin!!!

Dear Dallin,
You are three years old pal. Happy Birthday! It's just not possible to express how much I love you.
You are so sweet and care about others. You're known in nursery and at Ritas house as being the one who always makes sure the little babies are happy and have something to play with. I've seen you give hugs and kisses to the little babies and I know you're going to be a wonderful big brother. You notice when others are sad, left out, or need a toy.

You LOVE chocolate. You would eat it for every meal if I let you. You help make the pancakes in the morning by adding the chocolate chips and eating about 20 of them in the process. You often request chocolate milk, cookies, and happily munch on anything that is chocolate flavored. Your always happy to help make cookies.
Your cars from the Disney movie 'Cars' is your great love. You know all the names of the cars. You show me on the computer all the cars that you want. You love to paint and when I ask you which ones you want to paint it's always the same: 'Lightining ta-Queen,' 'chick hicks,' and 'Mr. King.' Sometimes when we can't find the dinoco Lightining ta-Queen you get sad. You sleep with about eight cars lined up on your pillow each night.

You've mastered climbing all playthings at the park. You proudly call out "look mom how high I am!"

Dallin, you're so caring and protective of your mom! You're always telling me "Mommy, you pretty" or that "I like your dress." Sometimes when you see my cry, you come up and give me a hug and look lovingly in my eyes. When you saw daddy give my bum a swat, you thought daddy was hurting me and went right up and punched him.

You are independent. You're happy to do things on your own like play with your trains in your bedroom, or turn on a show. You love watching Curious George.

You are my little best buddy. There's no one I love to be with more, or spend more time with. Though it will be fun to have a sibling, I have loved - cherished - relished - the you and me time. I know we'll always be pals.

Happy Birthday Dal-Dal!!


Jake, Jill & Jenna said...

We love Dallin, too! He is such a sweet guy and so nice to Jenna. I'm glad they are little friends and I know he's helped her out in nursery so much. Carrie you are such a good mom and I'm excited for another Gilstrap kid to make this world sweeter (and cuter!) When do you find out what you're having?

Carrie Anne said...

oh how cute! 3 years goes by so quickly! did you make that happy birthday sign??? how? or where did you buy it? i totally love it!

Carrie Jean said...

Thanks Carrie, I did make that birthday sign! It was pretty easy, I'll have to write up some directions and email them to you.

Marvia said...

Happy Birthday little man! I can't believe it's been 3 years! what a sweetheart!