Saturday, July 10, 2010

While the husband's away...Kate comes to play!

That's right. Jim was away on business so my sister Kate came to visit!

It was a week full of activities: dinner party, trip to the zoo, parks, library story time, a little bit of attempted shopping.

First, dinner party with friends. I won this Williams-Sonoma and Calphalon dinner party. I received some new cookware in the mail as well as a menu. I love this sort of thing, but man the preparation was a bit intense! Good thing I had all these extra helpers around:

Here's what the table looked like outside:

This is the little plot of grass outside our condo. Evan really tried to talk me out of eating outside, but I had a vision. Evan joked that someone with a shopping cart who is fishing for recyclables is going to come strolling right through our dinner (our recycle bins are very popular with the homeless crowd; they come by multiple times per day). Well, they did come, but he was walking, and when he saw us, he left.

Instead of what Williams-Sonoma recommended for dessert, we made homemade marshmallows for a smore spread. 

We headed to the baby story time at 11:30 (we missed the toddler one at 10:30--hey getting out the door with 4 kids 4 and under takes a while!) Here we are playing/picnicking at the nearby park afterwards:
First, happy Thad
Dallin and Billy sliding:
Kate and Bobby
This one of Thad swinging is hilarious because it almost looks like Dallin's legs could be his:
Billy loves the swings!

Finally, our trip to the zoo, a first for Billy, Bobby and Thad!
Trying (unsuccessfully) to get the brother's shot:
Billy wasn't too sure about riding the frog:
Billy, Bobby and Kate:
And finally, our trip on the train.

I think we're pretty much recovered from the fun. Come again soon, please!


Lindy & Trever said...

The dinner party looked so fun. I love the pictures of the kiddos. I am glad you had a good time with your sister.

Alecia said...

That dinner party looked perfect! I'm so sad I couldn't attend. Glad it all turned out so well, minus the homeless guy. :)