Friday, May 21, 2010

Poor Sickie

Thad is sick. The Dr. confirmed it yesterday. Two ears are infected and he has bronchialitis (sp?).

Tuesday I let him stay in his pjs all day, figuring that's what I would want to do if I was sick! Look what popped out by mid-day!

He is a growing boy! He's still only 8 months, but I guess it's time to break out the 12-18 month pajamas. (though I'm so tempted to buy those darling striped Hannah Andersson pjs)
Here he is sleeping just moments ago. I'm hoping for more of this!

Until then we're doing albuterol every 4 hours round the clock, antibiotics and motrin.
I love taking care of my baby.
But if your fedex and you knock on my door at 11am and I'm still in my bathrobe, please don't judge me!


Alecia said...

Sorry to hear about this. I was just thinking about you today.

Amy W said...

Poor Thad! What a sweetie he is! I hope he gets better before Vegas!!!

Toria said...

not fun, but he sure is cute and sometimes it's nice to slow down the mommy pace a little huh?

how are things? we need to catch up. I miss you!