Saturday, August 15, 2009

39 Weeks and Thankful

I'm grateful for a healthy body that is able to carry a new life. And I'm so so grateful that everything with the baby appears to be healthy. Just read a friends blog which is a good reminder of what I have to be grateful for..

My Dr. says rarely do women go past their due dates for their second children, but if I did I could be induced any day after. So that means for sure by Monday August 24th this little guy is going to be here! I'm dialated to a two and having contractions (not the real ones though).

Evan is putting up with me. He decided that today was a good day to fix the dead HDMI cable in the wall that we've been living with for six months. With rotozip? in hand, I insisted on following him with the vacuum. And then when he wanted to sit down for five minutes, I nearly broke down in tears reminding him that we have a new baby coming who cannot be subjected to sheet rock dust, not to mention my sister and mom coming into town!!! These feelings are very real in the moment! So, we are still in a bit of a construction zone, but I plan to meditate a lot (and hire a cleaner Tuesday!)

We did the biggest Costco trip ever today. Best purchase: $18.99 Ironman costume for Dallin. What a happy boy. I'll have to take a picture. I wasn't going to buy it because all along he's wanted to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween and I thought this three year old would have Ironman regret, but when the tears at Costco escalated to sobs, well, I folded. I'm hoping that I haven't purchased five costumes before Halloween actually comes!


Toria said...

I'm so glad you updated the blog. I've been thinking about you and I'm planning on calling tomorrow or soon to steal some of your precious downtime and hear more before the baby comes? Sounds like things have been busy around there! Miss you!

Stars&Straps said...

We're coming to the rescue...Tom's going to fix your wall. Never fear.

Heather said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is sooo cute and I am so happy all is well for you and your family. Wishing you ALL the Joy, Happiness, and Lots of LOVE with your family.