Sunday, October 12, 2008

Harvest Festival!

Saturday marked our second-annual trip to the Harvest Festival in Fremont. It's this great farm that's still operating. We picked popcorn and indian corn, rode the train, and sampled homemade ice cream, popcorn, and cookies made in a fire-burning stove. The magic show was also really great. We learned Evan was made to work on a farm; he picked about 60 ears of corn in about 10 minutes.
To prove I was there, I had to do a self-portrait...

Dallin was a good helper shucking the corn. The rule is you can keep half of what you harvest so we've got a nice supply of popcorn. Don't be surprised if this is your Christmas gift this year!!

Notice D's new do? I cut the top last Sunday night so all day Monday he was running around with a mullet. I was so embarrassed. I met a new mom at the park Monday and instantly I felt I needed to explain that his haircut was a work in progress. Evan on the other hand couldn't wait to take pictures. I was sure to cut the rest of Dallin's hair before a single picture was taken! Dallin will thank me one day for this.

On another note, this morning I was getting ready for an early church ward council meeting. Sweet Dallin was up at 6:30 and helped me get ready (he stands on the toilet and brushes his teeth for about 15 minutes, putting the toothpaste tube in the water, squirting toothpaste everywhere. No matter how much I talk about wasting water that water does not go off full blast). When I went to leave at 7:15, Dallin turned hysterical "Mommy, I want go church! I want go!" Isn't that what every mom wants to hear?! What a sweet boy. I hope he says that when he's 15.

Dallin LOVES church. In fact, we cannot keep him with us. He spends the majority of his time bouncing between Logan & Toby, Maya & Ella, and Brent & Emily (all of his friends). When the first hour is up, he is off RUNNING up the stairs to nursery.

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